Some lingo I’ve picked up here

Bosta = shit

Canchero = cocky person

Caretas = uptight people

Cobarde = wimp

Coger/Garchar/ Darme una masita caballito = to have sex

Compadrito = thug

Cucharita = spooning

Cursi = corny

Estar en problemas = To be in trouble

(Tener) fiaca = to be lazy

Filo_____ = [Something]-esque

Gauchita = slut

Gomia = friend (amigo)

Gorra/ yuta = police

Grasa/ groncho = tacky

Hacerse la rata = to ditch

Incómodo = awwwkward

Insoportable = unbearable

Me sacas de quiso = you bother me

Mersa = trashy

Ortiva = buzzkill

[insert noun] las pelotas = [blank] my ass

Pelotudo = shit for brains

Pendejo = asshole/pubic hair

Pinga = pene = penis

Porro/faso = joint

Puto – f*ggot

Que copado = great!

Raído = shabby

Se paro/ me calenté = I’m horny

Sosegarse = calm down

Tirar la goma = to give a blowjob

Tuca = roach (end of joint)

Volá = scram!


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