What’s a Phoebe?

(noun): a girl trying to find her place in the grand scale of things. Passion for knowledge, companionship, fun music, and raw onions is a must for these types.

(verb): To do what seems insane and irregular, i.e. not fun.

(adjective): To be extraordinary, in every sense of the word.


I’m self-conscious, trigger-happy with cameras, don’t know nor care for fashion, share more awkward moments than should be humanly allowed, get really confused with maintaining relationships of any sort, have yet to find a sense of humor of my own, really prefer living on the right side of the law, watch a substantial amount of TV, refuse to ever have black hair again, like running around without shoes, eating too much sugary stuff, think drinking 8 cups of water is a funny joke, and don’t believe in physical exertion.

But I never give up, on anything or anyone. I refuse to be second. I work harder than anyone you’ll meet. I know what I want out of life and know anything I want to do will happen in the end. I believe in a thing called love. I believe in fate and coincidence. And I will always offer my shoulder to anyone who needs one.



  1. you sound like a very cool person to be around. oh ya, i forgot to mention how freakin hot you are, send me pics and write me back…..im not much on these social sites, see ya.

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