Posted by: Phoebe K | March 14, 2010

Oscars, La Bomba, Quilmes, Choripan, UNICEF, Mariano.

The title pretty much sums up my week. But of course I’ll divulge further.

P.S.– my “T” key is broken, which really pisses me off. The latches that attach the key to the actual button somehow broke (?!?!) so if any words are missing T’s….sorry.

But first I’m going to rant. About Lady Gaga haters.

"Telephone" video

So, unless you live under a rock or sans technology, you know she released her \”Telephone\” music video with Beyonce this weekend. And it’s awesome in so many senses. Over-the-top? Yes of course. Creative? Hells yes. Pushes buttons? It’s Gaga. Someone who shall not be named (and several thousand others) are oh-so-pissed about the product placement (Virgin Mobile and Miracle Whip come to mind). They were pretty much saying that she’s not to be respected because she used such tactics. Okay, and?! First off– she’s Lady Gaga and can do what she wants with her videos, which are always works of art and innovation. No one can deny that she has a fresh way with her style, and hate it or adore it, you can’t help but talk about it. AND THAT IS THE POINT. She knows how to work the masses and she’s doing quite a damn good job. So her music makes no sense– look at her as an artist. Who in the industry wears anything near as funky/odd/creepy/astounding? I hear Karen O does, but meh– she’s no NYU-semi-alum. Why does she not go by Stefani Germanotta, but Lady Gaga? Because in the words of Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage, and Lady Gaga is a dominating character right now. She has created a strange and amazing image and it has captivated everyone, even in some negative senses. So what? Her videos, again, are so visually…I don’t even know an appropriate adjective to justify their amazingness. Gagalicious? And the product placement? She’s a BIG FREAKIN DEAL, so of course random brands want to jump on that and cash in on her success. And why shouldn’t she have some fun with it? Miracle Whip– COME ON. It’s all fun and games and maybe some cash to Gaga, don’t get your panties in a wad over it. Anyone that is fully aware of his or her power over the masses and wields it intelligently seems like someone that should get a lot of respect, in my opinion. She’s smart with her pop-star persona. She knows exactly what she’s doing with herself and her image. Oh and enough about her being “talentless.” She went to NYU, and yeah, she dropped out with purpose sophomore year. But you need a wad of talent (or awesome connections) to audition and be accepted into Tisch in the first place. And her much-viewed performance at Ultra Violet Live proves that she’s not another MTV wannabe– her singing, and musical ability in general, is raw and real and it’s incredibly dense to think otherwise. I fully respect and adore and love her music, and know that it isn’t the BEST out there, but it’s something new and refreshing in a bland, repetitive industry. She is truly a musical artist, showcasing talent in her songs, performances, videos, image, and so on! Hate on her or drool all over her– at least show some respect. She’s doing infinitely better than any of us will probably do at age 23, and she’s a genius in every way. (And nameless haters– get a move on your own lives and stop moaning and groaning about Lady Gaga. Just sayin’.)



Anyway. I watched the Oscars streaming online (thank god for technology), and was shocked by how many The Hurt Locker won and how few Avatar did. But that’s okay– Avatar was great visually…anything else was eh. Can’t wait to watch THL when I get back. And El secreto de sus ojos won Best Foreign Film, which is cool because 1) it’s an Argentine film, 2) it was rereleased here in theatres because of the nomination, 3) it’s good.

Best Foreign Film. Argentina REPRESENT!

NYU hosted a showing of it on Wednesday and it was a lot better than I was expecting. The plot is so this way and that and overall…awesome. Just go see it and watch with subtitles, because their castellano is intense and quick and mumbly.


La Bomba is a big deal here on Monday nights, so I went this week with Layla, Ben, Robin, Briana, and Courtney. I found it a little overrated, but everyone in the crowd seemed to enjoy it, albeit they were enjoying it with blunts and alcohol. It was actually amusing– they sold weed brownies and desserts to those queuing to get in. And everyone was rolling blunts inside. woah man. Well, we didn’t watch the actual drum performance so much as danced to the music, which made it infinitely more fun. We just danced like hooligans and it was very liberating and silly and intense.

Getting jiggy.


Yeah. (No pics…SORRY!) So I went with Emma, Ben, Courtney, and Briana and it was very…Argentine. I don’t listen to much reggaeton, but I might reconsider that now. It was amusing, particularly with all the blunts in the crowd again and the moshing and jumping to the music. Seriously, if you didn’t jump along with the crowd, your poor feet were going to be sorry. Ben got Emma and I all the way to the front and it was even crazier there. But I enjoyed it– reminiscent of Warped Tour :). Afterwards, we walked by a bar/parrilla/something or other, and listened to the live guitarist and sax player as we munched on Choripan (sausage burger, basically) and guzzled Quilmes. Mmmmmm. We met up with Kaarin and Arielle at a terrace bar on Thames soon after. Emma and I kept making eye contact with these four guys across the terrace, and as the night wound down, we finally went and sat with them and talked. It was amusing conversation– they apparently loved Hey Arnold and Chuck Norris (and were excited when I said I was from Texas, the Lone Ranger’s land) and Independiente/Diablos Rojos (aka the #1 argentine soccer team at the moment, but not nearly as cool as Boca Jrs.) and such. We tried going to a bar party of their friends’, but bars don’t let you in after 4am. So Emma and I went to bed instead! 🙂

Oh, and they were constantly making fun of me for not being able to roll my R’s. It’s a major hindrance in my desire to speak perfect castellano,  I know. I honestly think I am physically incapable of rolling any sort of R’s, which they found to be hilarious and I found to be demeaning a bit. If there is some YouTube video or trick anyone knows from which I can learn… dámelo!

Reporting Class


So in my Reporting class we’re covering human rights, focusing particularly on the Dirty War and the Desaparecidos. We had Munú (above), who was kidnapped and held in the ESMA (see post before last) for 8 months, enduring awful physical and mental tortures. For instance, she and a few women were taken out to dinners in BA’s fancy restaurants with the officers, who sometimes had just finished torturing them, and then take them back to the ESMA. It’s a lot more awful sounding as described in the book she and a few survivors wrote about their experiences in the ESMA, Ese Inferno (That Hell). We read excerpts in English, and had her speak to our class in castellano since she doesn’t know English. It’s pretty hard  to take notes as she spoke castellano, so Professor Artusa kindly translated everything she said into English (we still wrote our notes in Spanish). But honestly, reading her book the week before… I had expected someone more..Mexican-looking, for lack of better words. Someone with dark hair and dark eyes. And here she was with blonde/gray hair and striking blue eyes. Wow. And she’s authentically Argentine.

It’s an intriguing thing to think about appearance here. Prior to coming here, I had expectations of everyone looking like the Latinos we commonly see in the U.S. –dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Then here I am, and EVERYONE seems to have light green or blue eyes and super tan skin, and really great hair. Italian, Spanish, and other European traits are very obvious among the Argentines and Porteños, which is pretty cool. They all talk like Italians (with their hands vigorously), btw. That’s why the aesthetics here (aka beauty of the people) are so pleasing here! The only case of traditional (in my head) latin looks that have exceeded expectations are those of Mariano, my professor…


So, he is my La Lengua teacher that EVERYONE is gaga over (though Layla trumps them all). Being the master creep that I am, I managed to sneak a picture so you guys back home can bask in his glorious gorgeousness from afar.

Oh but don’t get your hopes up, ladies. Yes, he’s great looking, Argentine, working on his dissertation, knows a lot about fashion and music, and co-authors books. Like this one:


Well, we went to El Fulgor Argentino, a play in La Boca last night with our La Lengua class and it was awesome. We ate some great choripan and other delicious comida and watched locals perform in an astounding play. What was it about? Not too sure, since it was all in castellano, but it was still cool.



Layla and I felt like being good humans and walking for a cause, so we participated in the UNICEF walk today. Woke up rather early at 8:30am– in comparison to going to bed at 5am– and walked around a bit. We somehow missed the start, so we just found some walkers and followed them to the finish line, jaja. At least we got some sweet shirts out of it.

Check us out.

In miscellaneous news, I got my roots touched up, as well as my highlights. It was freaky at first, being so orangey again.. but it’s grown on me. I paid $45-ish USD, which isn’t so bad for doing both processes. Though they charged 10 pesos for washing my hair and 15 pesos for drying…uh wtf?

Oh, and I’ve had helado 5 times in four days. Uhhhh….no excuses here. It’s SO good and SO cheap! Best ice cream ever. ME ENCANTA HELADO!

Not sure of what else to say. Need to stop throwing down all the pesos like monopoly moneys… I’m nearly out of the 3300 pesos I brought with me, crap. It’s not even like I’ve been shopping. I just eat..and drink..and eat…and drink more…and go out. Eeeep.

Spring Break is coming up in three weeks! (Patagonia/Tierra del Fuego BOUND.) AND THE SUPERCLÁSICO IS NEXT SUNDAY YAYAYAYAY! AND I AM GOING!!

What I hope to experience at the Superclasico.

Can’t freakin’ wait. My face will be yellow and blue and my voice will be sore, and hopefully I won’t be crushed under the monster stampede that is Boca Jr. fans. EEEEEP!!



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