Posted by: Phoebe K | March 1, 2010

Punta del Este– mi amorrr!

I had SUCH a great weekend! This is merely a preliminary post to build up anticipation for all the details–yay! Pictures will be up later, as I have so much homework that I tried to avoid..

In short,

  • We met Steve McCurry at his exhibition in BA. Quite an experience and his photos are breathtaking.
  • I am practically a Porteno/Uruguayan/African-American now, with my super awesome tan. Skin cancer, ahoy!
  • Another latin lover in another country, yesssh!
  • Such a great time with friends and new acquaintances! WITHOUT any need for liquid courage, hoorah!
  • Happy birthday to BFF Alex and Kelley Forester šŸ™‚

and yeah, wasn’t affected by the Chilean earthquake at all, but thanks for (not) worrying!

Hasta pronto!



  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have a tip for you and art museums. I, like you, was always sorta apathetic about great art. But, I have found that if I learn about the artist before I go see the work, then I totally appreciate it. Grace and Jackson actually have several interesting kid book biographies about several different artists. It makes them even appreciate what they see. AND, they can both spot pieces in a museum that they have never seen before, but if they have read about the artist, they can tell you who did that piece. Cool, huh?

    Okay, big thunder and maybe hail on the classroom window, so I’m gonna go check it out!

    P.S. I leave for Honduras Sunday, wish I had you there to interpret for me!

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