Posted by: Phoebe K | February 23, 2010

It’s decided. Let the countdown begin.

Once I graduate, I’m going to take a year or so off and circumnavigate the globe. Likely by myself. And journal/document it in some savvy fashion.

Some places I plan to hit:

Quito, Caracas, Lima, Machu Picchu, Cordoba, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, maybe Tierra del Fuego and thus Antarctica, Reykjavik, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Madrid, Casablanca, Athens, Rome, Moscow, Cairo, Nairobi, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv or Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Bangkok (take a break a visit the fam), Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Melbourne/Sydney, Auckland, Fiji Islands (or Samoa),  Honolulu, and end in Dallas or New York. wherever I decide to call home.

I’ve been overly inspired by the people I’ve met here, particularly Robin and Jessica for having spent 6 months or so traveling the globe at their own pace. How amazing does that sound?!

I’m the kind of person that likes being able to say “Been there, done that,” so of course this would be something grand to add to my bucket list. BUT of course it’s not all about that. Being away–from home and from the motherland– is actually more enjoyable than I had initially thought, and I don’t think I’m ready, as a being and in my life, to settle down in a place. I NEED to explore options and continents and people and cities and lifestyles and languages and cultures and foods and mentalities. I really can’t sit still anymore, not when there’s a world just outside of here.

Time to start saving those paychecks.

Yeah, you don’t think it’s going to happen. Just watch me.


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